Friday, 2 September 2011

NEW PROJECT: Worldindepth v2.0. What's new?

The new version of Worldindepth is ready to be launched. So what's new?

*First of all I have decided to keep the design as it was, just making minor adjustments, such as changing the pictures featured on the slides. I want people to recognise the website and it would be awkward if I changed the layout and the design completely from time to time. So aesthetically the site looks the same.

*A closer view shows that some categories have disappeared, as it is the case of "Leisure and travel". When I first created Worldindepth I intended to publish some features focusing on different cities in a sort of "touristic, relaxed" way. Then I decided that these kind of features do not match exactly with the aim of the site, and in fact only one feature to the date was published under that category. Therefore I decided to suppress it.

*The order of the sections have varied. The stories and features will be now archived mainly by regions. There still will be a subsection with the old tags (politics, business..etc), but it will be secondary.

*I have gone through the already published pieces, correcting minor mistakes that appeared on them. Now they should be fine.

*The major improvement, and where the core of this refurbishment lies, is on the new categories. You will have noticed that on the secondary section you can find "politics", "business" and "current affairs". But it also features three new sections: "comments", "features" and "interviews".

The aim is classifying the stories by their nature (there were a couple of interviews and not all of the published pieces were strictly features). But it also has another objective, which is where the new worldindepth version lies: Until now I was able to upload a feature from time to time. This is due to the lack of time and because writing a good, long feature takes a lot of time. Therefore it cannot be done from one day to the other.

By creating a new tag, "comments", I will enable a new way to create in-depth stories. I will write a brief comment on a current story. It might not be as long as a feature, but it will definitely be as appealing as a feature, and it will be quicker to write. This will imply that I will be able to offer much more contents, and I will have the chance to publish almost daily.

I will of course keep publishing features from time to time, but an important part of the new worldindepth will lie on the comments.

And this is it. I hope the new worldindepth will be easier to read, and will provide the reader with fresh information more often than before.

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