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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

NEW PROJECT: Worldindepth launch

The launch of the new version of Worldindepth will definitely take place on September 1st. The technical issues have been solved and the scheduled date for the launch of the new concept will be met.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

NEW PROJECT: Worldindepth v2.0 launch delayed

Although the new Worldindepth concept initially targeted a launch on August 23, the presentation of the new project is to be delayed until September.

I have decided to keep the schedule under review, but I find it preferable, given that I don't want to rush the launch.

The project has been delayed due to technical and logistic issues, but is progressing well and will be ready for September 1st.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

NEW PROJECT: The World in Black and White (365 days of B/W)

The World in Black and White (365 days of b/w) is a project launched in August 18 by Carlos del Romero/Worldindepth. It aims to present 365 photographs in black and white, one for each day of the year, from different places around the world, taken in the last ten years. The photographs are then presented as visual poetry, embedded with brief comments that tell the story behind the picture.

In the next 365 days we will see pictures from places in Spain, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, the U.S., Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, France, Turkey, Hungary...

Although every photograph will show a feature of a different country, these won't be arranged in a geographical order. The focus of the visual story will be one element in the photograph, regardless of the location.

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